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Apparel & Garments
Apparel & Garments is one of the most prominent and wide-ranging sectors of World, contributing to about 30% of its total export in India.

Agro / Food Products
The sector of Agro / Food Products plays a pivotal role in the fast-growing economy. Almost all economic sectors are inherently connected with this sector directly or indirectly.

Automobile Spare Parts
Consistent developments in the science & technology, and rapid growth in the economy of world, have expanded boundlessly the extensive field of Automobile Spare Parts.

Ayurvedic / Herbal
Ayurvedic / Herbal medicines and raw materials are becoming increasingly prominent and popular day by day, and this field is ever-expanding not only in India, but all over the world.

Business Services
Business Service Sector is ever-growing and fathomlessly expanding, and plays a prominent & gratifying role in the global business service arena.

Chemical Industry of India, though less prominent, but is one of the leading ancillary industries. This ever-expanding chemical industry serves various major industries, and is becoming rather complicated day by day.

The Construction sector is perhaps the most extensive, rapidly-growing, and lucrative sector of not only India, but also of the world. Growth rate of the construction sector is rather rapid in India and other fast-growing economies of the world.

Electrical & Electronics
Electrical & Electronics sector is very wide-ranging, plays a pivotal role in today's era of science & technology. This sector has been benefiting almost all businesses, and is still fast advancing.

Handicrafts have always been dear to the mankind since time immemorial. Today's modern world has a keen and refined yen for sleek, aesthetic, and antique handicrafts, made up of various materials.

Home Furnishings
Well-rounded development and advancement have rendered our senses keen for aesthetics, comfort, and luxury, and this very trend is to be perennial in future. Hence, there is a fathomless, ever-present scope of the businesses of home furnishing in abroad.

Industrial & Engineering Products
Industrial & Engineering Products control a bulk part of the GDP of all growing economies of the world. These products form the backbone of the industrial business, market, and export.

Despite all types of scientific and technological advancements and developments, there is still no better alternative for leather, for an extensive range of domestic, business, and travel requirements.

Medical & Pharmaceutical
Busy, strenuous, and fast lifestyles of modern world, have made the medical & pharmaceutical industry, much extensive and complicated. There is ample scope for its further sophistication in the future, as there is a constant increase in a variety of new diseases also, with the development of science & technology.

Plastics are used extensively for our a wide range of requirements ranging from domestic and business to industrial and medical types. Plastics have replaced very fast woods and metals for various uses.

Sports Goods
Sports have been inevitable and inseparable from our life & lifestyle, since the very beginning of civilization. There are a large number of diverse sports, and each requires many sports products & equipments, and accessories. Hence, there is always a vast scope for booming business of sports goods, everywhere in the world.

Stones are needed to decorate our homes, institutions, and various other commercial complexes. Some stones are also used as directed by the Astrology. Thus, stones of various kinds have been serving the mankind at every stage of development.

Travels and tours are necessary for knowledge, experience, and pleasure. Development and advancement in the science & technology have extremely facilitated the transportation and hence the tour, travel, and tourism, within a country, and also across the world.

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